May 24, 2017

Do you know what features a shake must have in order to be named the best one?

By Ast Staff Do you know what features a shake must have in order to be named the best one? First of all, it must be natural and safe for your health. Then, the efficiency of the shale must be high in order to achieve the intended purpose. And the third factor is the quality-price […]


By Mike Ozu   #jordanedwards. This is Trump’s America. Your entire life is summed up in a hashtag to go viral and be seen as a cautionary tale of “don’t be a black boy in the USA.” If you’re caucasian’re totally fine. Its sad. The frustrations of dealing with White Supremacy, President Trump, and […]

Mega Fundraiser for Phil Murphy – As he Leads in Polls

Mega Fundraiser for Phil Murphy – As he Leads in Polls As it becomes inevitable that he will be the Democratic candidate for governor, African American and Africans for Phil Murphy in the State of New Jersey will have a mega fundraiser for their endorsed Democratic Candidate for the Governor of New Jersey Ambassador Phil Murphy on […]

Vegetarian Places in London

Vegetarian Places in London When you have only a few days in an unfamiliar city, you really don’t want to make a mistake in choosing a meal. There are 5 vegetarian places in London, that will be interesting even for those who eat meat but like healthy food and variety. If you’re into Contact Dating, […]

Nigeria’s New Growth Plan Targets Agriculture for Economic Stability

Nigeria’s New Growth Plan Targets Agriculture for Economic Stability By Lela Winston On April 5, 2017, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari launched this Nigeria Economic Recovery and Growth Plan. The three-year plan, is slated to target three areas of sustainability, which include national security, corruption and revitalizing the economy. The plan seeks to achieve an economic […]

Phil Murphy on Monday, April 3rd, 2017 broke the record of the State’s past petition by submitting over 43,000 petitions

 By empakcorp media Phil Murphy on Monday, April 3rd, 2017 broke the record of the State’s past petition by submitting over 43,000 petitions to the Department of State in Trenton. This came a day after completing a 21-county sweep of party endorsements making him the Democratic front-runner for the Governor of New Jersey.

VIDEO: Kenya’s podcasting ‘sex queens’


                      President Buhari was in good spirits, joking with senior officials and journalists.But as his address went on the president appeared to ramble, referring to the importance of technology and education. He even urged Nigerians not to self-medicate.These comments will do little to reassure critics […]


Nigeria is experiencing the worst smog in years in Port Harcourt…

AST HEAT! Yemi Alade – Johnny

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