May 28, 2017

Do you know what features a shake must have in order to be named the best one?

By Ast Staff Do you know what features a shake must have in order to be named the best one? First of all, it must be natural and safe for your health. Then, the efficiency of the shale must be high in order to achieve the intended purpose. And the third factor is the quality-price ratio. A meal replacement product must not cost a fortune even if it provides the magnificent results. We have researched the market of shakes, various websites with diet products reviews, such as, and identified our winner, the best shake of 2017. This meal replacement shake has a new formula with the best ingredients. The efficiency of its action was evidenced by numerous consumers, as well as clinical studies. Welcome 18 Shake!   Description   This MR shake is produced in the USA by the 18Nutrition company. The formula of this product consists of vitamins, fiber and 2 high-quality proteins. The protein sources of 18 Shake deserve a special attention. Whey isolates and concentrates are known for the outstanding quality if compared with protein of milk or soy origin. Besides, you will not find any soy or artificial sweeteners in the shake that makes it purely natural product.   A serving of the MR shake contains 15g of protein, 14g of carbs and 80 calories. The content of the shake makes it a perfect solution for the weight loss purposes. This product has a wonderful flavor, and tastes even better if mixed with milk. In addition to the shake, you obtain a free e-book containing a diet program for your meal replacement. The price of the package is $59.99. At the same time, you may get it cheaper if buying multiple items.   The main flaw of 18 Shake is that you can purchase it only in the web.   Quality of ingredients   The above-mentioned duo protein complex originates from cheese production. The protein sources of 18 Shake contain the essential amino acids, which are required for a successful substitute of a meal. Whey protein is also a perfect choice for muscle building purposes, providing muscle mass growth. It is especially important when you need to lose fat, but to keep muscles. Whey is the solution of such problem.   A fiber of the shake is represented by digestive resistant maltodextrin. It plays its role in better food digesting. If compared with other soluble fibers, this one prevents bloating and gas formation. Thus, you may not worry about possible digestibility issues.   As we said, there is no artificial sweeteners in this MR shake. The ingredient substituting sugar is the extract of stevia plant. This sweetener is more effective than its artificial analogues, since it has no influence on the level of blood sugar. Besides, you obtain a wonderful flavor, which is praised by almost all consumers of the shake.   Feedbacks   People say that it is great for cravings suppression. The vanilla or chocolate taste of the shake without artificial sweeteners provide no desire to eat for about 3 hours after the consumption. By the way, the amount of sugar is minute, therefore, you do not need to worry about blood sugar level. The users also mention its perfect mixture properties, as well as easy usage.   18 Shake formula provides the mixture of low calories with sufficient amount of fiber and protein. Such blending provides incredible weight loss results and causes no side effects. This shake is rightly the best solution in the market.        

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