May 28, 2017


By Mike Ozu   #jordanedwards. This is Trump's America. Your entire life is summed up in a hashtag to go viral and be seen as a cautionary tale of "don't be a black boy in the USA." If you're caucasian're totally fine. Its sad. The frustrations of dealing with White Supremacy, President Trump, and police terrorism is enough to break you down if you are of African descent. The way that an Apartheid state works is that although the majority of the country are people of African descent, the power, abuse, and terrorism are controlled by the fictional "white people." How is it possible that we are living in a country where it is accepted that police can kill children?! How is is acceptable that we live in a country where the child is blamed for their death at the hands of the police?! White supremacy is illogical. It doesn't fit into the complexities of capitalism, hence the reason that integration was done and why Lincoln "freed the slaves." The mainstream media becomes a tool of white supremacy by not voicing an outrage of these unjustified killings and they can be seen as a tool of white supremacy. Until the entire USA lets go of its "best friend" white supremacy..we will never be....great.    

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