May 28, 2017

Hair Advice from Tee-Tee

All over the world you have many people asking what are the secrets to long, thick, and healthy hair. Well, look no further hairstylist Tiarah best known as (Tee-Tee) will help teach the tools, steps on becoming successful of long, thick, and healthy hair. The first most important part of keeping healthy hair is using less heat. Keep as much heat off your hair as much as possible, even when washing use warm or cool water while rinsing. When it comes to products try using the same products for example the brand Olive oil has, hair moisturizer, oil sheen shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and more. Switching different products can weigh heavy on the scalp and hair which causes your hair not to stimulate correctly. Another trick try keeping your hair in protective hairstyles for a few weeks, and being consistent with your weekly routines. In order to keep from damaging your hair is oiling your scalp every two days, and cutting your ends but only cut them once every 4-6 weeks. Others ways to help your hair growth are Niacin pills, biotin, prenatal, fish oil, Jamaican Castor, and Lavish Glow Growth Oil (COMING SOON). Now be mindful depending on the person pills does break you out so drink lots of water. Last but no least eat healthier, change the unhealthy eating habits and you will see some amazing changes in your hair growth.

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