May 28, 2017


399558148_tpBY Mike OZU You have seen it time and time again. African women and women of African descent saying African Men ain't shit. Well maybe the problem is the mirror. No, not that the man is ugly,.. too easy. The mirror is for the African Queen. What are you doing to help this man get through his daily life? Have you ever walked in the shoes of an African man in Amerikkka? Let me tell you its crazy and I could never trade the experience for anyone. I am a strong African man. I am a threat to white supremacy in all forms. I have a weapon called the Black Penis that can totally destroy your entire genetic blood line. My fellow brothers can leap from foul lines and dunk on your fucking house. I followed by weak white supremacist race soldiers with guns called cops everyday. Why can't you understand that the man's home is the one place that he should be treated as a KING. A African man's home is the one place that is his domain that he presides over without the fear of a white supremacist trying to emasculate his greatness. African women need to begin to understand their place in the African man's home is not one for them to subscribe to a mindset of white feminist culture. Instead become his Queen and Mother to his kids and a FREAK in his bed.

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