May 24, 2017


      The African Sun Times, Africa's number one and largest newspaper in America, has announced its Persons-of-the-Year, as well as the Corporate Social Responsibility Company of the Year.   The categories the newspaper has chosen this year include International Person of the Year, African Statesman of the Year, Corporate Social Responsibility Company of the Year, Pan-African Person of the Year, Diaspora Person of the Year, Most Influential Person of the Year Under 40, and the African Tourism Ambassador of the Year.  The individuals named include: INTERNATIONAL PERSON OF THE YEAR 2015:
Former President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Former President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who shocked the whole world by swiftly calling current Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and conceding his defeat in the March 29 Nigerian presidential election, thereby stopping the predictions of violent bloodshed in Nigeria, and keeping his words that he would not allow the blood of a Nigerian to be shed to further his political ambitions.  President Jonathan must be applauded for creating a solid foundation for the growth of democracy in Africa.  The world has started to recognize President Jonathan's courageous act. AFRICAN STATESMAN OF THE YEAR 2015:
Former President Jakaya Kikwete of the United Republic of Tanzania

Former President Jakaya Kikwete of the United Republic of Tanzania

Dr. Jakaya Kikwete, former President of the United Republic of Tanzania.  President Kikwete served his country for 10 years of two terms and participated actively in the selection of the successor President John Magufuli, thereby continuing the tradition of democratic governance in Tanzania, in contrast to some of the neighboring countries where Presidents have abrogated the constitution to further their political ambitions.  President has received so many honors for excellence and so many honorary doctorates by many universities.  Africa would continue to need him for the peace negotiations he achieved not only during his presidency, but as well as when he was Tanzania's foreign minister for 10 years. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2015: arik-air-plane-1Arik Air, the Nigerian international carrier, is the only African airline in West Africa to have met all standards of licensing by the American aviation authorities to fly to the U.S.  Under its General Manager, North America, Mr. Robert Brunner, Arik Air has made a great impact on multiple organizations that serve the Nigerian community in America.  No matter how big or small the organization is, Arik Air and its personal are always there to contribute and encourage the organizations in their mission of serving the community.  The organizations use the tickets made available to them by Arik Air in raising funds. PAN-AFRICAN PERSON OF THE YEAR 2015: hqdefaultDr. Ron Daniels, President of the Institute of the Black World and the Pan-African Unity Dialogue.  There is a lot of fragmentation within the Pan-African Diaspora movement in the Diaspora, but Dr. Daniels has achieved success by bringing all the groups together, whether you are African, African-American, Caribbean or Latino American, he makes everybody comfortable and welcome to participate in the organization.  Dr. Daniels also has to be applauded for his 20 years of service to the people of Haiti. DIASPORA PERSON OF THE YEAR 2015: Ambassador-Erieka-BennettAmbassador Dr. Erieka Bennett, Founder and President of the African Union Diaspora African Forum (AU/DAF).  There is no greater sacrifice a Diaspora African could make than to leave the comforts of your comfortable abode in the United States and move to Ghana in furtherance of creating a symbiotic relationship between Africa and the Diaspora.  Ambassador Bennett has established the first Diaspora Diplomatic Mission in Accra, Ghana, and recognized as such by the Ghana government.  She has used her offices and continues to use her offices to criss-cross the continent as well as returning to the U.S. to encourage stronger bonds between the Diaspora and the African continent.  She is not only a person of the year  but also a woman of substance. MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON OF THE YEAR UNDER 40 2015:   Linda Ikeji Ms. Linda Ikeji, founder of the  Ms. Ikeji has achieved great fame and influence through her blogging, and is read by millions of people around the world who even get news about what is happening in their country through her blog.  Dubbed the African Queen Blogger by the African Sun Times, Ms. Ikeji has become a role model to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria, male and female and who she is increasingly mentoring through financial grants and personal advise.       TOURISM AMBASSADOR OF THE YEAR 2015: photo-of-Ikechi-Uko-courtesy-wikipediaMr. Ikechi Uko, founder of the world famous Akwaaba Expo held every year in Nigeria, which has increasingly attracted international recognition.  Go to any country in Africa and mention the name, Ikechi, people would immediately recognize the name and applaud the work he is doing to increase tourism in Africa.  Unfortunately, a lot of countries don't recognize or realize the great foreign exchange earnings of tourism and its effect on economic growth in countries, which is what Ikechi Uko is doing his utmost best to correct.     About the African Sun Times:  The African Sun Times is the No.1 and largest weekly African newspaper in America and has been publishing for the past 37 years.  It is the only African newspaper online and in print in the U.S.; and its Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Chika Onyeani, has won 73 awards for journalistic excellence, civil rights activities as well as philanthropic engagement.  Dr. Onyeani is the author of the phenomenally successful and No.1 best selling book, Capitalist Nigger: The Road to Success."  Onyeani is also the author of the latest successful new book, "Roar of the African Lion," as well as his blockbuster novel, "The Broederbond Conspiracy," (aka The Black James Bond), and the children's book, "ODUM: The Lion."      


  1. GEJ’s administration plunged Nigeria into the worst looting and corrupt country on the globe. That he should get a descent recognition by any entity. local or international depicts one thing in my humble opinion.

    Your recogntion threshold must be that with the lowest ebb and therefore worthless and undignifying.

    Putting it mildlty, “It is pathetic”

    Happy New Year!

    Mazi Ogbonna

    • Sorry that’s ur opinion and it isn’t worth a farthing. Go and achieve something for urself so you can be considered for an award or go and set up ur own awards and give awards to those who meet your criteria. Considering that u don’t even know how to spell properly I wonder who would be interested in ur award

    • Pst. Carl lbekwe says:

      Mazi Ogbonna, go and check Transparency international corruption index rating of Nigeria under President GEJ, so that you will be better informed.
      As it is now, you are Deformed.

    • You’re one of those taken by all the falsehoods of the present Nigerian government in other to sway opinions and perceptions of people against the former party PDP that’s now in the opposition forgetting that 80% of APC executives are PDP decampees. If there’s any iota of truth in what we’re being made to believe, then why are all those former PDP members deemed innocent whereas the ones that has remained in the PDP are deemed guilty already without conviction by any court….?

      • richard Nkwocha says:

        Sorry Maxi Ogbonna,GEJ is a world states man.He has made a big difference. His regime was no more corrupt than the preceding regimes.But he what others considered impossible. He my Man of the Year.

    • Mazi Ogbonna, is Nigeria with Buhari administration doing better? Our politicians are all the same, they get into office for their own good. We have to stop accepting this behaviour and vote for people who will help build Nigeria instead of pointing fingers.

    • kison king says:

      Is only an idiot Nigeria like foolish mazi ogbonna can say evil against GEL .

  2. Mazi Ogbonna, I am shocked to read your response to GEJ’s award. Did u read the basis for this award? Corruption is d bane of our country. GEJ working with Okonjo Iweala tried their best to make it impossible for frauds to happen. Unfortunately dey were unable to complete work before leaving. By being d first president in Africa to hand ova power to an opposition in a democratic process. GEJ deserves this award. He saved us of possible bloodshed by peacefully handing ova power to PMB. GEJ will neva b forgotten for this singular selfless act. God bless him whereva he is.

  3. Jonathan is the best president that Nigeria have ever had. More award is on the way.

    says, congratulations to them, wish you more blessings

  5. Yes am glad to here this from you all what u have saying is true I remind loyal sir

  6. Wow!! Congratulations sir…. more feathers will grace your cap.

  7. Tricia Anene Mgbenwelu says:

    GEJ is a worthy Nigerian,am happy the international view is same

  8. Lloyd Mark says:

    Truth be told GEJ is a true Nigerian an honest man, on his watch the inec messed up card reader distribution and this in a way worked as against him still he did not remove jega but rather kept his word Quote: My political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian

  9. GEJ, you are the GEM, HERO and epitome of HUMILITY. This award and recognition speaks of one out of the millions of selfless decision you took during your administration to better Nigeria. Posterity will continue to be a blessing on you. Your detractors will continue wallow in vain chase.
    God bless you GEJ
    God bless Nigeria.


      I cannot agree any less with those in support of GEJ. Jesus says” there is none that is good except the Father” by our standard GEJ is a good man whether Mazi likes it or not. President Buhari himself extol the humility of GEJ.

  10. For Kikwete to be the statesmen of the year you are very wrong because as you mentioned he participated fully in the selection of his successor but on the other side of Tanzania, Zanzibar his military forces participated fully in acting against constitution after they saw the opposition candidate won the election, after his military forces JWTZ kidnapped election committee officials and making sure that they are not announcing results which could see the opposition candidate become the President of Zanzibar.

    • The opposition decided to announce the election instead of the Electoral Commission, thereby acting against the constitution. The opposition might have won the election, but it should have been left to the Electoral Commission to announce the result.

      • If they did that, its criminal case why they are not suing them or nullifying the election which was reported to be free and fair is the punishment of announcing results?

        What opposition did is presenting the results which was already announced by the election supervisors from polling stations.


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