April 29, 2017



As those who are following what I am doing know, I am here in Staunton, VA, for the 2nd World Igbo Festival of Arts and Culture, taking place at the Igbo Village.  Yesterday, while I was attending a symposium on reviving the Igbo culture, a call came through from South Africa.  It was from the famous Touchbank of Metro FM.  I quickly went out to answer the call because when Touch calls, I know it is something very important.  Touch has interviewed many times on my bestselling book, "Capitalist Nigger: The Road to Success."  By the way, Touch's program on Metro FM is listened to by more than 7 million people across South Africa.

Touch told me that he was at event for launching a new investment company and that one of the speakers had mentioned my new book "Roar of the African Lion," and I was like wow, that is fantastic for the book to be mentioned at the launching of an investment company.  Touch told them that he could get me to say a few words to the guests at the launching, including many ministers and captains of industry in the country.  He said he would call me back so that he could put me on speaker phone so that I could say a few words from the new book.

A few minutes later, Touch called back and put me on loud speaker, and asked me to say a few words to the guests.  I quoted a few words from my book, and there was a big applause from the audience.  We talked a little bit about President Obama's visit to Africa (Kenya and Ethiopia), and then I thanked the audience for the honor they have again done me for buying and reading my books, first the "Capitalist Nigger: The Road to Success", and now the "Roar of the African Lion.  I thanked Touch for again reaching out to me, he is one of the rising great new generation of African leaders.

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