April 29, 2017


Dr. Chika Onyeani

Dr. Chika Onyeani

Brace yourselves for another one of Chika Onyeani's no-holds-barred controversial and brutally frank discussion about the black race for his new book, "Roar of the African Lion", accepted for publication by the largest book publisher in Africa, Jonathan Ball, after negotiating a comfortable advance.  Onyeani is the author of the brutally frank No.1 bestselling book, "Capitalist Nigger: The Road to Success - A Spider Web Doctrine," which has sold more than 200,000 copies and still selling well after 14 years.  Start booking your copy today of the new book.  Read one of the "Capitalist Nigger" reviews below:  
Celebrated Author, Dr. Chika A. Onyeani on "Africans are Responsible for Their own Problems" - A Review
By Vubundada_Kandaba (Virginia & Nile Valley), 2006
It seems like our people in the West (Diaspora) are pissed off at Dr. Chika Onyeani for daring to say the unthinkable, but Folks in Africa are grabbing his book like hot cakes and he is treated like a Celebrity. He is sought after to give speaking engagements in the Continent. This is because Africans are sick and tired of being stagnant in one place and everyone realize that we must move forward starting from today.
According to reports in the South African media including newspapers like the Mail and Guardian and BusinessDay, Onyeani is much of a folk hero, with his pictures and speaking engagements in South Africa splashed on front and inside pages of these leading newspapers.
Dr. Onyeani gave an example of a young South African, who said he decided to quit working in a financial services firm after reading the book and decided to start his own business sellling bricks. “The guy came to me and says to me he is doing very well.”
Onyeani also recalled another South African who went to the bookstore and sighted the book, but could not leave until he had read the book completely and bought copies.
For instance, moved by the blunt analysis in his book challenging black people to rise above victimhood and stop blaming white people for their problems, the South African Black Management Forum, BMF, invited Onyeani to address it in Johannesburg.
Business Day, a leading South African daily described Onyeani as resembling African-American Nation of Islam leader, Revd. Louis Farrakhan “in his brutally frank assessment of Africa’s woes.” Onyeani’s book had drawn him countless flaks from African-Americans in the US, but he is making fame very fast in South Africa. There is hardly a month that passes, on the internet especially, that a debate on Onyeani’s book is not going on somewhere, and although few African American groups have honored him and took his blunt ideas in good faith, many more still consider him as playing to the gallery of white people. (Onyeani has been honored 56 times in the U.S., including being honored by the NAACP – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People – New York with the 2004 Black Heritage Humanitarian Award for his "lifetime devotion to the cause of freedom, justice, and equality and the personal dignity of humankind."
On his recent visit, he said what touched him most was when some of the South African Black businessmen who listened to his speech on Black empowerment decided to practice the spider web doctrine that he advocated for in the book, by going to Soweto to have lunch right after the event and so to spend their money in the predominantly black, poor neigboourhood.
“That really touched me,” he recalls, adding that in one of his speaking engagements in South Africa, the Nigerian Embassy had to actually write a report back home in their official report that a Nigerian author received a standing ovation from a South African audience. Onyeani should know himself being having served in the Nigerian Foreign Service just before the Nigerian Civil War, which saw him move over to the then Biafran foreign service.
Not everyone was however admiring Onyeani in South Africa. Xolela Mangcu, a well-known black columnist with Business Day lashed at Onyeani saying the book Capitalist ****** is an “insult on us.”
In his column 13 October, Mangcu argued that Onyeani cannot “insult people and expect them to listen to you or respect you, let alone take your advice.” Reacting to Onyeani’s several public speeches, radio and newspaper interviews, the column said “Onyeani titillates his audiences by comparing lazy African Americans and Africans to the entrepreneurial Indians in the US. He omits to say that Indians have the highest per capita income of any ethnic group in the US.” (Indians became entrepreneurial because they practice Onyeani's "Spider Web Doctine."
Another columnist in Mail and Guardian John Matshikiza was also unflattering. After listening to Onyeani at the launching of the Little Black Book in Johannesburg wrote on October 22 that “Onyeani had come all the way from America to let the South African white man and the Jew off the hook.” (Matshikiza also predicted that Capitalist Nigger would continue to be a bestseller).
When a reporter in South African Mail and Guardian asked Onyeani what he felt about comments that he may be playing into the hands of racists by his comments in the book and during events depicting black people as inefficient, he responded in a no-holds-barred manner: “I don’t care about what white people are thinking. It is what we think about ourselves. If we talk about it, perhaps we will stop doing it.”
He then offered: “We need to learn to take care of ourselves. Indians wear saris made in India, they drive cars made in India, and the Chinese are not afraid to use products made in their country. We must do the same.”
Dr. Onyeani accuses the African educated and intellectual elite of being the greatest obstacle to Africa's progress, calling them "intellectually dishonest, disdaining all attempts to make Africans independent by their preference for all products non-African. By their action, we are today still "economic slavesâ" despite years of independence."
Dr. Onyeani believes that the Black Race has the capacity and the will to become a major force in the global market, through authentic African leaders. To do so, "the Black Race must abandon its victim-mentality, and develop the same ˜killer instinctâ and ˜devil-may-care attitude" of the Caucasian and the˜Spider-Web Economic Mentality" of the Asian.
Onyeani is the author of a new blockbuster novel, "The Broederbond Conspiracy", popularly known as the "Black James Bond,"
The two books, Capitalist Nigger: The Road to Success – A Spider Web Doctrine – $14.99, and The Broederbond Conspiracy – $19.99, could be purchased for $25, including shipping and handling from: Timbuktu Publishers, 463 North Arlington Avenue, East Orange, NJ 07017 or call 1-917-279-4038 or order directly from bookstores, including http://www.amazon.com or http://www.bn.com (www.barnesandnoble.com).


  1. Mazel Tov ! Mighty congratulations hard-hitting Capitalist Sir!

    It takes an African to tell an African like it is, as in “This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man”

    If an oyibo tells an African, he or she will attribute other motives to the oyibo the least of his sins being “neocolonialism” and the truth shall set you free….

    Frankness is certainly a quality of honesty, although for politeness sake, honesty must sometimes be tempered with mercy and some diplomacy in order not to cause offence to people’s sense of dignity. (For example – depending on who’s speaking to who, many people are more offended by the “N” word and less so by the “mother-f” word especially over there in capitalist America. (Wasn’t it Brother Malcolm who said “You can’t have capitalism without racism ” ?

    But why, I pray, this insistence on being ”brutally” frank?

    Does it not contribute to the image of the Black person as inherently violent, brutal? ( Ronald Regan, a White person, thinking that he was being brutally frank once referred to Colonel Gaddafi as “a mad dog”, thereby causing maximum offence.

    At least the exchange of linguistic fire in the Israel-Palestrina conflict has not yet entered that stage – the mad dog stage – a stage that would preclude any chance of returning to the negotiating table…

    It is precisely this quality (“brutally frank”) that makes me look forward to reading “Roar of the African Lion!” – with the expectation that it those pages, we will not find hypocrisy as you are known to always tell it as it is or at least the way you see it. The fact also is that you can afford to do so…

    I can’t help thinking, what would happen with religion if the scriptures were “brutally frank”. Then inspired truths would inform a certain class of mismanagement politicians “Oga, there is no hope in repenting or praying O – if you don’t vomit the stolen money you are surely going to where you will be peppered, roasted and mashed up for papa soup by the devil!”

    (It may interest you to know that many from Sierra Leone, even some of the female dogs and pussycats feel that they are ”mountain lions”)

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