May 30, 2017

A Black Quarterback in the Superbowl!!

Wow!! What a game between the San Francisco Forty Niners and the Seattle Seahawks.  But it is the black quarterback Russell Wilson who led the Seahawks to win the National Football Conference, in his second year in the NFL.  The game was competitive especially with Colin Kaepernick great running with his legs and throwing some great passes.  But it was not enough to overcome the heroics of Russell Wilson, who on 4th and 2, threw the touchdown pass. Well, congratulations to you Russell, to your coach Carroll and teammates.  We are rooting for you to defeat Peyton Manning and win the Superbowl Championship game for the second time by a black quarterback.


  1. Michael O. Afolayan says:

    Fingers crossed. It’s not over until its over . . .

  2. Nebukadineze Adiele says:

    Kaepernick is also black by categorization — his biological mother is white and the biological father black. Because of him, I was rooting for the 49ers. Had the 49ners won, a black quarterback would still be going to the Super Bowl. Black quarterbacks are no longer novelties in the NFL and that is a good thing. great observation though.

  3. Well what’s the big deal. Many, many years ago we had few great Black quarterbacks that made it into the Super Bowl or close to it. There was Warren Moon, an arguably great quarterback. He came mighty close to the Super Bowl. And then of course there was Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins. Him and the great teams of then blew away their opponent to win the big one then. Then they had one of the greatest running back of the time, the great big John Riggins, the truck. He was unstoppable when he has the ball in his hands. So in conclusion this new guy might be great but he follows the lead of other great ones. I wish him a great game on the day, and I wish the other guy too equally the same.


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