May 24, 2017

African Men Are Cheaters, No Bullshit!!

CHINYERE'S CORNER DISGUSTED FORMER WIFE I am disgusted by all the comments on the previously posted, "Do African Men Make Better Husbands," and I say a big bullshit to that question.  Of course, African men are big cheaters and they do it with impunity, especially when they use stupid arguments about cultural differences to bamboozle us 'Acadas', the derogatory word they use for African American women into believing that there is something different between their culture and our own. I was married to an African for more than five years, and we were happy.  I had been hearing stories of his cheating on me, but I didn't pay too much attention, after all, I deluded myself into thinking, well American and especially, African-American men are worse at cheating.  But I didn't get pregnant, not for not trying.  We tried to be happy. Then one day, a woman arrived at our home, and she was introduced to me as a niece of my husband's.  True, true, she behaved like a niece, playful with my husband, doing the things that made me happy, cooking and clearing the dishes.  I accepted her as my niece, after all she was my husband's niece.  BIG MISTAKE!!  After three months, I began to notice some changes in her behavior.  Some times, I would come home from my job as a registered nurse and the dishes would not be cleaned. Three months later, that's after six months, I began to notice a change in her body and her attitude had become totally insulting.  One day, I challenged my husband about his relationship with his so-called niece.  I threatened him and that was when he owned to the niece being his wife sent to him by his relatives from home because I couldn't get pregnant.  He said he loved me too much to tell me the truth. Truth be told, if I had a gun, I would have shot both of them dead right away.  The only thing I could do was hurriedly gathered their things and threw out into the street and pushed them out of my, after all it was my house.  He has called more than a thousand times, leaving messages about how much he still loves.  Imagine the effrontery!! So stop telling me about how good African men are.  I say take these motherfuckers and take them back to their Tarzan infested primitive bushes!!


  1. Your language makes one wonder. Do you know your history? Primitive you said, why did you involve in the rtnshp? Were the non primitive men not attractive or you ? Am sorry your hurt but until your last sentence, I didn’t know what to do with your situation. President Obama has no African American blood, is he therefore primitive too? Be mindful of your stereotypes.

  2. I agree they are not good men in regards to American culture. But in general they are usually good providers. Because of there culture they are naturally womanizer and they think they are smarter than most Americans regardless of sex. For most american women it is best to not seek African men because most African American women are not willing to be submissive nor ignore their way of having more than one woman as African women do. Its not that they are bad men or African american women are not good women, we have different beliefs and morals.

  3. It’s been a year since I married my African husband and I’ve already found tons of porn in his computer. Wow this is to much and I’m scared as hell but I will leave his ass if he cheats .or maybe he already has .I’m disgusted.

  4. Considering a relationship with an African man or marriage? STOP IT NOW THAT YOU STILL CAN!! I have wasted my 4 years of being cheated left alone when needed the most being kicked and always being put down by this african man. We were high school lovers.. than I left him because I found out another of his cheat actions! I was single for 2.5 years and he came back to me to marry me.. I believed him as he told me the time made him realise what he did to me.. and he wanted to marry me and that he had changed and grown out of his stupid childish behaviours.. I felt into his trap and went against my family to marry him. 3 months into our marriage I found out I was pregnant. I thought and felt asif I was the lucky woman untill I found out that he was still in touch with girls.. when confronting him he said these woman are their best mates and that he will never put them away in his life. I was not allowed to know them.. which I went in touch wih hem without my husband knowing. I found out that he cheated on me 2 days before our wedding day.. after my husband found out that I went in touch he made my life a living hell.. i have cried my whole pregnancy.. even one time he kicked me in the face because I wanted to see his phone.. i had a big belly and a big lip the next day too! I coulnt tell anyone as this was the man I went agaibst my family.. so i kept it to myself.. nearly every day I was finding out his more lies. That the week that I gave birth to my daughter.. my husbsnd dissapeared. I had a miserable birth… i had a third degree tear I could not stand up/walk or sit down as down there it was hurting alot.. I mived from holland to the uk for him as he was stuying his masters there.. so I had no family or friends to look after me. I was left alone sick ill with a first child new born baby.. i was taking soo many antibiotics that my head was spining while looking after the baby. I remenber having 3 sleepless night in pain.. looking after my bsby girl.. i was calling him to come and help me out with the baby but he was ignoring my calls and txt messages.. when he returned he did the same often leaving me alone for weeks. Than we decided to take some time.. to heal and leave everything behind.. he send me back to holland to my family together with my baby girl and after 3 months he said he wants devorce.. basically he kust came into my life to screw me mentally up. I have no any other answer to it.. im left alone with a 11 months old baby! All by myself. Am I ugly? Nope.. I still look good and lost all the pregnancy fat.. but I feel still so insecure of the things I went through that it feels like I can never trust anyone again..

    • Hey Jay

      I am really sorry that you had to go through all that torture. You do not deserve to be treated like that. That stupid guy will come begging again as he did in the first place. I assure you that Karma will catch up with him sooner or later. Put yourself together and believe that you are a strong and good woman every man would kill for…. It’s unfortunate that you had to meet a bad man in the first place. I am so sorry. I know African men. Honestly most of them do not respect us, women. I believe you will meet somebody one day who is worthy of your love. Take care Darling.


  5. Clapback says:

    Your comment at the end of this is pure stupidity. Your experience is not the same as anyone else’s. Maybe next time marry a white man, and don’t be surprised when he thinks your ghetto as hell and as primitive as they come. No your husband shouldn’t have done that, but if you ignorant enough to resort to “Tarzan” who is in fact white… Why the hell are you marrying an African man? Africans are blessed to know WHERE in Africa they come from. Where in Africa do you come from? You dont know because you think your roots are here in the US. Funny enough the US could give a dam about your black ass. You think you’re getting back to your roots by throwing on a dashiki and marrying an African man, that’s idiotic. You are a fool. African women know the difference between good and bad African men. So maybe you need to just stay single for a while and figure yourself out. Self-hating ignorant fool. President Obama is only “black” because of his Kenyan (African) father. Otherwise, he isn’t “black” like you. He’s the “Tarzan” you’re referring to. And it’s “akata” sometimes meaning wild animal.. Which is what it seems you are. I understand you are hurt, and that shouldn’t have happened to you, but you are also ignorant and seemingly uneducated.

    • Just stop
      trying to insult this woman. African men aren’t shit lying, cheating, deceiving, users. You Nigerians just hate for anyone to say anything negative about you but you can be so rude and nasty to black Americans that have fought to make life here easy for you to walk right into this county. Do just shut up with your insults and calling black Americans ghetto and uneducated . You uppity ass African woman who walk around very slowly and lazily like your shit don’t stink. Get over yourself and be a little more respectful to black Americans that have gone threw a lot in this country

    • Clappingback2 says:

      Given the details of her situation you should understand why she resorted to such ignorance. Can you blame her? True enough she was very ignorant by referring to Tarzan, but if a man done this to me I would have said and done way worse. First of all, who paved the way for your “African” ass to come to America? You think these white people like you better because your a true blue African? No they do not. If anything they believe that you are more uncivilized than the “akata” you are referring to. And on top of that we don’t date African men to “get back to our roots” we date them because we are open to other cultures. Also, you seem very ignorant and uneducated yourself because you stated that African Americans thinks that their roots are here in America and we all know that we come from Africa. We might not know where,but we know where our ancestors came from. So to me you are no better than her ignorant Tarzan insult.

  6. I completely and 100% agree with you!!! They can be the nicest men in the world but yet they are so deceiving and fake. I have never met men that are so good at lying I mean they are good and the Oscar goes to ALL African men. For being the greatest liars ever, not to mention cheaters, users and did I say cheaters and some can be very cheap. Never again!!

  7. I too have been lied to and deceived for 7 years. I am a western woman who fell in love with a Tanzanzian man. I supported him through his masters degree and gave him close to $20,000, we were going to marry one day, build a home a adopt a child. I come to Africa this year and find out myself of his lies – he was married with children. He still does not have the guts to face me with the truth. To think he goes to church every Sunday, what a joke. I will never trust again!!

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